Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Psychic or Psych Ward?"

"This accurate prediction didn't cost me a trip to the Psych Ward again with Dr. Timothy St. Amand"                   
"The more I tried to resolve this pseudo-psychology with these clowns, the more I increased the value of this whole ordeal (increased the price on my head)."
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
I joined the Buffalo Bills forum and with the 20th and final post, I posted this analysis of the Buffalo Bills hosting the NY Jets. Fortunately, I was only flamed a bit for supporting a Bills team that was expected to lose at home. 

The Bills were a dog at home but looking at the teams, stats, and schematic, I visualized a dominant Bills victory.

My prediction for NFL Week 11, 2014,           Bills  33 - 13  
Game's Final Score:                                     Bills  37 - 14

NY Jets were favored by 2 points.

I also made a very insightful suggestion / prediction between the TNT TV series The Closer (Kyra Sedgwick) and the FOX network The Following (Kevin Bacon)which I will post a link soon.

NY Jets were favored by 2 points.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre & Brock University

"One hand washes the other"    

Gamblingresearch was created shortly after the Ontario government expanded legalized casinos (huge profits)

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

OPGRC ( was handing out 100's of thousands of dollars in grants during it's inception.

Whoever had control of this new unaudited government agency, had access to unprecedented research grants (Squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars on the backs of problem gamblers).

"Gamblers Needed for Research" was / is big business in  research


With my computer background and my analytical skills, I got caught up trying to troubleshoot the world of gambling.

  • I had great Analytical Skills, as I quickly tripled my salary in two years in the computer field
  • I broke into the computer field when networking started gain traction (Novell Networking)
  • I started assembling PCs and advanced to providing dealer support across Canada for Novell Support and Installation at the distribution level (later in charge of the support)
  • The potential transformation of my situation only fueled this Pseudo-Psychology research group for the end game payout (as long as making a living from gambling was not included - see Misery)

Gambling eventually started to overtake my life and I decided to take a drastic measure

  •  For three out of four years, I immersed myself in a very difficult situation
  • Only financial obligations that I had during that time was car & insurance payments of $300 per month
  • Worked at 300 different companies over four years in the Toronto area
  • Here is a interesting comment from CNN on someone who: Living out of Their Car for Two Years

That period of my life was quite difficult at times, with the task of continuously securing employment , which only fueled the interest of these PhD "doctors" and Gamblingresearch . Just the "live research" component would of likely required a fairly close & loyal group of researchers, with a large free flowing sum of funding.

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
"Why would you want to become a professional gambler after everything you have been through?" 
- see Simon Williams post
"Some are in the opinion that receiving profits from gamblers for government coffers or research purposes is all good, but sermonize against individuals who can personally profit from or recover their wagering losses through gambling..Hypocrisy has always been the staple of this research group."

"stunning / devastating revelation" see "Carte Blanche" Says Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner post

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Pattern recognition used to simulate "Paranoid Schizophrenia" symptoms?
  • Schizophrenics have hallucinations ('A tendency to extract message-like meaning from meaningless sensory information"),
  • Gamblers seek out biases or visible data out of the norm (chaos theory) to exploit wagering opportunities 
  • "One is at odds, and the other is looking for odds"

Only 10K grant for this research group

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
John A. Cunningham had solved the problem of "Barriers to treatment for problem gamblers in Ontario".

His other publication of personal note is Recovery from problem gambling without formal treatment. 

  • A Half Million dollar grant (500K) that was given to John Cunningham (Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology) from Gamblingresearch, was eventually removed from their website.
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
 Relationship between Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre  ( ) and Brock University, is in research officers and research  grants, as seen in image.

  • Ann Marie Guilmette of Brock University, was originally in charge of the vast OPGRC funding.
  • Rob Simpson (Heather Chalmers?), who appears to have no formal training in psychology, goes from teaching assistant at McMaster University, to The Homewood Health Centre, and then CEO of GamblingResearch?
  • Dr. Graeme Cunningham works at McMaster University. 
  • Robert Simpson's appointment of CEO of Gamblingresearch,  was definitely a major plus for John Cunningham, in unaudited research grants and being promoted to Senior Researcher.

Heather Chalmers -  (OPGRC Board of Directors & Brock University Faculty)
Lisa Root ???
Jennifer McPhee - (Frequent Grant Recipient & Brock University Faculty)
Andrew Dane - (Frequent Grant Recipient & Brock University Faculty)
Ann Marie Guilmette - (Original & Former Board of Directors - Funding & Brock University Faculty )
Diane Santesso, (NEW Research Funds Officer Brock University)

Sidney Segalowitz , Kelli-an Lawrance Angela Dzyundzyak, John Yardley, Colleen Hood

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
Evolution @ Brock is a new research group at Brock University that has Andrew Dane - (Frequent Grant Recipient Brock University Faculty) as a group member.

John Cunningham worked at and promoted  Evolution Health Systems (Rachel Fournier), or also known as the shell company V-CC Systems Inc (Rachel Fournier), within the CAMH addiction services division.
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
I forwarded some emails to a group of Brock University Faculty members in 2011. 

Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 03:47:00 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lisa Root ( / House Pics

"The landscape of psychology will never be the same"            
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Prior to my schizophrenia diagnosis
  • Repeatedly told to see Lisa Root (Gamblingresearch / Problem Gambling Program) 
  • Lisa Root was only interested in having me sign forms of medical consent in the office, for my family doctor (Dr. Teodorini) 
  • Lisa Root quickly faded from the scene, not returning any communication that I was instructed to do
Very frustrating dealing with individuals with no clue, understanding, or expertise about gambling (include the whole research group). Lisa Root threw around some sound bytes out of a text book  "big score"  and that summed up her knowledge on gambling. This is the main reason why this research group completed an illegal research study on myself.

Andrew Dane - Brock University joined Lisa Root in 5 of her 6 grant receipts
Jennifer McPhee - Brock University appears in all 6 of her grant receipts
"A subpoena is on the horizon for Lisa Root"
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Pics of the wartime home my mother lived in, before and after I landscaped  "Gothic" to "Miami", in about 6 months (Pics that Lisa Root had already seen prior to my first visit).

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Lisa Root has been on the payroll with since early 2000 

Dr. Shukla "Sun tanning your genitals"

"Did You Know Sunlight Can Increase Testosterone Production?"                             
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Trying to locate medical documents and have them corrected for accuracy in order to file an official complaint, was a job by itself, met with threats, intimidation,  stalling, and humiliation. It's a good thing that I have the best "doctors" that Brock University / Gamblingresearch has to offer:

  • Three letters from Dr. Shukla (sent within days of each other) was typical of the obstacles that I had to overcome to obtain documentation, disputing fabricated accounts and "paranoid schizophrenia" in general.

"You sun tanning your gentials"
  • Dr. Shukla has a preference for "delusional" patients with sunbathed testicles?
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Edited July 29th, 2012:
Three letters were all purposely incorrectly edited to frustrate my attempts in documenting my situation.



Male Psychologists: 
An intriguing research topic on what type of males are attracted to the psychology profession, and how do they equate their doctorate status to medical doctors? (80 % Psychologists are Women)

Men: A growing minority?

"In other words, as salaries became stagnant and the field lost prestige, men decided to pursue other degrees and women filled the gap"

My theory is that a high percentage of male psychologists have had troubled childhoods

In their latter years (the older, the more troubled), they explored psychology literature to better understand the cause and effects. During this period, it occurred to them that combining the two into a career path was a profitable, enlightening, and a soothing experience.

What subject a male psychologist specializes in, can reveal a lot about their childhood and themselves (neglect, despair, abuse, .....), and convert them into potential crusaders.

"A short man who was picked on a as a child in grade school, may specialize his research in bullying."


"Imagine having just one of these playing "doctor" with you?"

"Would you be comfortable in a surgery or medical tests by a medical doctor that had only completed one year of medical studies, after specializing in business and gymnastics for the four previous years? Why does the psychology profession not expect the same?
 The psychology profession expects the same level of respect, wages, and authority as medical doctors, but are unwilling to uphold the high standard of ethics and standards expected of medical doctors.
The psychology profession has now even made it even easier on-itself with doctorate entry with the part-time PhD program, with income still obtainable over 100 K in wages, if you have the right connections." 
Dr. Heather Chalmers profile is the most conspicuous in this list. She was appointed to the OPGRC Board of Directors in the very particular year of 2007 (as explained below), lacks the expected educational prerequisites for her job descriptions, and has consistently accumulated students reviews that borderlines on "ruthlessness":

Perhaps the Heather Chalmers brutal student reviews provide insight into Associate Professor Nancy Johnston's demeanor when acquiring anonymity and empowerment?

I already have a very good sense on Simon Williams's abilities in this matter.

Dr. Heather Chalmers

Undergraduate Degrees: Physical and Health Education / Business Administration, Brock University" 

Part-Time Studies: PhD, Psychology, Brock University

"Appointed to Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre Board of Directors OPGRC "

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. Simon Williams

Surprised this poster wasn't "locked up" by 5 foot tall Simon Williams for challenging his authority:

"Simon Williams dropped out of the Electronics Technician program at Niagara College, because it was too challenging for him. Simon Williams graduated with a doctorate in psychology from Brock University."


                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Kelli-an Lawrance

These comments are as amusing as my three "edited" letters.

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. Christine Tardif Williams

Paramount for Gamblingresearch  to have Christine Tardif-Williams employed at Brock University:

"Christine Tardif-Williams was so highly coveted by  universities across North America (as noted in comments below), Brock University had to hire her while she was still completing her PhD in Toronto (U. of T.). She was placed accordingly within Dr. Nancy Johnston's department, corresponding with my 2001 "schizophrenia" onset."

Fully aware and a beneficiary of Simon Williams weekly transactions with Dr. Nancy Johnston as students, Simon's younger wife Christine Tardif-Williams is the graduate director at Brock University.

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. Andrew Dane

Andrew Dane  (Bachelor of Arts - Queen's University, PhD Toronto) - Brock University
(Alesia Dane - Brock Relationship Manager - tip #1 - get a job with your spouse to keep an eye on them) 

Extensive research history with the Cunningham's. This little guy specializes his research in bullying.

"Another male psychologist turned scientist?"

At least Simon Williams and Andrew Dane will always see eye-to-eye.

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Jennifer McPhee  HonBA, Psychology

Has been on Brock University's payroll for seven years and her  BIO  at Mobilizing Minds is a small snippet of  "employed at Brock University (for 7years) as a Research Manager"

She now works with Charles E. Cunningham at Mobilizing Minds 

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Associate Professor Dr. Nancy Johnston Psychologist:

"My theory on why people won't retire is because no one will ever spend any time with them"

"Nancy Johnston appears to have had an impressive talent for utilizing / manipulating government resources and engaging in liability protection"
Absolutely nothing on this elderly woman in publications or research. Appears she was forced to retire in her early 70's at Brock University (part-time with benefits), or she would have remained employed indefinitely.

Brock's problem had now become my problem as I became her full time hobby ("Misery" - starring James Caan & Kathy Bates), and entertainment for the elderly Johnstons.

"You will always be alone"
Associate Professor Dr. Nancy Johnston Psychologist:

The elderly Johnston's underestimated (obviously) the evolution of computers and the internet, making the connection between these two possible ("achievement" award article), including Brock University and Gamblingresearch.

Christine Tardif-Williams (still lin Toronto completing her PhD) was hired during my "schizophrenia" onset in 2001, in Nancy Johnston's Department.
Nancy Johnston appears to have been a general hospital worker (Certificate Authorizing Interim Autonomous Practice), that obtained her PhD in Psychology at U. of T. while in her 40s (1970s). Obtaining a generous pay hike (very similar to Simon Williams).
"Did Nancy Johnston pioneer the Part-time PhD program at Brock University?"
Nancy parlayed her husband's psychiatric degree into a position at Brock University, even receiving an "Achievement" award in 2006, from the "Psychiatric Association" (compliments of Dr. Graeme Cunningham ?)

Here is a picture of Nancy Johnston awaiting her achievement award in early February 2008:

Associate Professor Nancy Johnston specialized in child sexual abuse, as did originally Heather McPhee, and eventually Simon Williams (taught Brock course in 2007? ). John Cunningham  was the only individual "specialized" (overstated to say the least), in gambling research. That is until Dr. Heather Chalmers (part-time PhD grad, major Business & Phys Ed), was unexpectedly promoted to the OPGRC board of directors, from Nancy Johnston's department.

OHIP does not allow billing from psychologists, yoga instructors, or chiropractors; Gamblingresearch will pay research psychologists tho.

The research material that I involuntarily provided, could still be piped into the OPGRC channel (see 2007 grants), with Little Johnny Cunningham the primary beneficiary. The research material was incredibly invaluable, generated in a "liability" and "hands" free environment.

This group went through every aspect of my personal life in a research capacity, trampling any rights as a Canadian citizen that I may have had, using whatever info possible to enhance their "schizophrenia" diagnosis / research / careers.

"Nancy Johnston retired from Brock University in August 2007"

Here is a picture of Nancy Johnston hard at work for the camera, in an article regarding her award and career. This article and achievement award (2007 - 2008), was the first public mention of the connection to Nancy Johnston and Ronald Elmer Johnston; husband and wife team.
"Looks as if Nancy Johnston has many plaques and awards in her office, but void of any any published papers regarding her credentials. Nancy taught Brock University students how to engage with toys and dolls with abused children (Play Therapy Training). It's very likely that Dr, Johnston and Dr. Cunningham provided constant advice & guidance."
The misspelling (????) of Johnston (Johnson) in the article heading (no proofreading?), threw me off for a while. Originally, I skimmed over the article very quickly because I thought it was just another fluff piece, for a retiring Brock University professor. Nancy Johnston would of certainly expected me to stumble across this with my computer background (provided dealer network support across Canada).

In a span of a few short months (August 2007 - February 2008). Nancy Johnston was apparently forced to retire and "awarded" an exit "achievement" award; clearing up loose ends at the same time, including me. My life was now unexpectedly going to go from "bad" to "worse".
Nancy Johnston's close connections to the NRP Police and her psychology departments lucrative research grants (OPGRC ), would have provided her with the required leverage in extending her employment at Brock University, into her 70's.
Coincidently, I have a post in this blog titled  Lost My Job in Hamilton in 2007 / YMCA / McMaster University
"Would have kept the recently retired Nancy Johnston busy again"
The respect that the elderly Nancy Johnston generated  / received at Brock University was questionable. Consider the way that Simon Williams and Christine Tardif-Williams (with her full knowledge), repaid her.

I unfortunately voiced this component at the beginning of my "schizophrenia" onset and  submitted it to the Privacy Commissioner office, through registered mail. These actions would of not received this group's approval, to say the least; they desperately needed Simon Williams & Christine Tardif-Williams.
"My sister cleans houses besides Brock University & Johnston's office, a couple of times a week."
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Associate Professor Nancy Johnston Bursary in Developmental Psychology:

This is quite humorous since the total yearly grant is $800. I consumed about $800 worth in schizophrenic medication and OHIP billing, in her husbands psych ward, on a daily basis (government fees adjusted, of course). I should be named co contributor since I spent 12 - 15 bursary years (days) worth in their psych ward.

Nancy Johnston Bursary 

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston:

The St. Catharines General Hospital would have to be shut down in 2013 for the newly built hospital, before Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston would resign his position, while in his early 80's. What a sweet gig this man had!

Filing a complaint to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons only got me more of this:

Fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" Diagnosis, Dr. Ronald Johnston

Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston had an office at the St. Catharines General Hospital, in which he had ready-made patients in the psychiatric ward, ready for lucrative daily OHIP billings. I should know, since I was admitted 3-4 times there for his billing purposes.
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Ronald & Nancy Johnston:

"Your outstanding involvement in the community, unsurpassed commitment to your patients"

Yes, I am quite certain that this couple would have administered schizophrenic "medication" to their children or grandchildren, for "cognitive" purposes.

It appears that the the elderly Johnston's had a very intimate and profitable relationship with the Niagara Regional Police Force (NRP); see Medicine Gone Bad side links. The last two retired NRP police chiefs were awarded the comfortable positions of Brock University Campus Security Directors, and police officers obtained many overtime hours at the St. Catharines General Hospital Psychiatric Admissions area.
"I can assume that the NRP Police have a preferred list of medical doctors and possibly psychologists to deal with, when requiring expert testimony in legal cases ($$) or victim referrals?" 
Treat the NRP Police Chiefs and their police officers very well (one particular police officer made multiple visits), and they will take care of you!

"Including access to police surveillance equipment ?"

  • Former NRP police Deputy Chief Donna Moody & former Chief of the Niagara Regional Police Gary Nicholls both are / was Brock University Campus Security Directors.
  • Invaluable resources that would have not gone unnoticed / utilized by Nancy Johnston

These two loved earning money, well into their 80's. A far cry from their Great Depression era / childhood.
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. Shukla:

The three letters at the beginning of this post (compliments of OHIP), speaks volume about the man.. Dr. Shukla also used OHIP billing when meeting me with appointments in his office, and also when I was admitted into the St.Catharines General Hospital Psychiatric Ward, during multiple stays.
  • Dr. Shukla shared the same convenient OHIP billing arrangement, with the hospital's admitted psych ward patients, as Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston had enjoyed.
  • Dr. Shukla, Dr. Teodorini, and Dr. Johnston, all worked in some capacity together at the St. Catharines General Hospital.
This research group routinely introduced as many medical professionals as possible to obscure themselves from identification.

Dr. Shukla Patient Reviews:

If any of these reviews are true then this would reflect poorly on the Johnston's since they shared the same patient pool with Dr. Shukla, at the psych ward / OHIP patients:

Dr. Teodorini

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. Teodorini:

"You are going to be on medication for a very long time" was one of the first things he told me, at one of the many visits at his office, after I was diagnosed with "schizophrenia". He prescribed medication and completed the related medical forms, everything billed to OHIP. 

Dr. Teodorini was my family doctor for 30 years and then abruptly in 2007-2008, refused to see me or release my medical records.

Dr. Teodorini was also the doctor for a strong-willed family relative named "Barbara", Ed's mother. Barbara had a lot of influence over my mother and sister, who met every second week starting in 2007

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Robert I. Simpson: 

Promoted from teaching assistant to a Cunningham shill / CEO He left the position to work as a co-editor (?) of the journal International Gambling Studies, and now reinvented / resurfaced again with the Alberta Gaming Research Institute   - University of Lethbridge.

Recently paid as part of a project consultation group for the OLGC Casino Bid in downtown Toronto.

Intriguing career paths for Robert I. Simpson and Heather Chalmers, to say the least.

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

NCRS Roxanne Yorkston:

Roxanne Yorkston raised concerns to me, during a case interview, that she could google herself and be mentioned in my blogs. I suggested that she could file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner's office, and with a coy smile, she just moved on to the next topic (which was never any threat to identifying the Johnston's); following link:

NRCS Roxanne Yorkston: "What's inside your medical files?"

I curiously asked Roxanne Yorkston "what about a doctor that only had one patient, that needed them to remain ill to be profitable? Deadpanned, she gave no response to my question. Little did I know that I almost hit the nail on the head at that time.

Roxanne Yorkston had once asked me "Why were no family members helping me retrieve my medical records?".  I said "They are no match for PhD's". She just laughed and moved on as usual to another topic.

When I questioned Roxanne Yorkston about inaccuracies in our interviews, her response was that she had over 200 cases to take care of, and couldn't remember all of them. I asked her how many of her 200 cases had their medical files denied by the Federal Government? Typical no response.

In one interview Roxanne Yorkston told me that my sister had called her and questioned why I was receiving benefits since I did not pay any rent. Considering that Roxanne Yorkston has "over 200 cases" and my sister was able to get through to her on the phone (very difficult), I told her that it was incorrect. I happen to have my rent receipts with me and had Roxanne Yorkston photocopy them and submit them into my case file (she documented the interaction in my case file I assume).

"My sister cleans houses besides Brock University & Johnston's office, a couple of times a week."

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Lisa Root:

During my "schizophrenia" onset, I was repeatedly told to make an appointment with Lisa Root. Once she had my signature on medical consent forms with Dr. Teodorini, she never responded to any of my messages again.

Here is an internet photo of Lisa Root to complement this post of Dr. Shukla  "Sun tanning your genitals" Looks like more then genitals were sun tanned here?

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. John Cunningham - CAMH Foundation: "Researcher Position of Envy "

"What good is a PhD in Experimental psychology if you can't apply it?"

He was basically handed (pampered) the "Senior Researcher" position at Gamblingreserach on a silver platter. Not only did he have access to vast and unaudited research funds (make most researchers shudder in envy), Gamblingresearch had a CEO instilled that was basically a Cunningham shill, to assure an unconstrained environment for the man.

The question is what did  John Cunningham do to leave a custom made researcher's position, specifically tailored for him?  ........................................................Pseudo-Psychology ?
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

©Brock University:

"The New Home of Advanced Pseudo-Psychology Studies"

experimental psychology

Highest percentage of university husbands & wives duos in North America

         -  "Come join us at ©Brock University, where you can still retire and actively earn employable earnings, in                        a picturesque couples setting. We are educating today's students, for tomorrow's future."  -

Faculty members
"Mary Ann Edwards & David L. Edwards, Andrew Dane & Alesia Dane, Simon Williams & Christine Tardif Williams"
David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice

What else would you expect from a third tier university?

Jennifer Stoddart's Resignation Next?

"Jennifer Stoddart actually makes the previous Privacy Commissioner Radwanski look good"                                      
Jennifer Stoddart , the current Privacy Commissioner of Canada, will be the next one forced to resign. This will be her legacy, allowing a Canadian citizen to be forced to participate in research.

  • Government agency ( was aided in the protection of their identity, by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's office.
I copied (CC) the Privacy Commissioner on all of my registered letters, courier delivery, and the many faxes (overnight), in all of my correspondence. I was denied access to Jennifer Stoddart.

"Recorded for Quality Control purposes"

At 2:07 -- "We don't take Instructions from YOU! "

                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠
Either Jennifer Stoddart is the biggest buffoon in charge of a federal government agency, allowing her employees to run rampant in her office without her knowledge, or she was assured that this story would never be made public.

The latter being false.
  • Indicated to NRCS caseworker Roxanne Yorkston that my case file would be used to demand the resignation of Jennifer Stoddart, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.
  • Roxanne Yorkston's decision to accept my documents have given them another 7 years of legal shelf life, including the misleading and deceptive case conclusion from the Privacy Commissioner 's office.
  • Requested Roxanne Yorkston to secure my case files so that they would not become "lost"
  • Chantal Bernier was appointed Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada in December 2008

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lost My Job in Hamilton in 2007 / YMCA / McMaster University

"The following post will provide some insight on why it would of been highly improbable of challenging the Jennifer Stoddart, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada ruling, in my case. The only available option of filing a review at the Federal Court of Canada within 45 days, would have been futile, to say the least."
"Confirms that this group was always fully aware of my activities, initiating the NRCS obstruction. My NRCS case file contains a required job resume, which confirms employment in Hamilton in 2007"

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
  • In 2007, grabbed a room at the YMCA in Hamilton (across McMaster University). I also applied at Labor Ready temp work services across the street.
  • Assigned to a steel parts company that made steel beams for internal structures (buildings & warehouses). I was told that I was the 4th replacement that week.The job required the removal of thick, hardened paint primer on a concrete floor. I actually removed more primer in one day then the previous 3 had all week.
  • Quickly given additional jobs (cutting / boring steel, grinding, measuring to size parts). Tough job, but I loved it. Worked 6:00am - 3:15pm Mon-Fri every week. Woke up at 4:45 am every morning, caught the 5:20am bus, and walked in to work before 6:00am.
  • Repeatedly offered  full time employment within the company. I had to avoid explaining that I was placed within a "gambling research / disguised as a intervention" environment, that prevented from disclosing anything because of  "Paranoid Schizophrenia"; I obviously declined.
"I have rent receipts from YMCA & can confirm employment records with Labor Ready temp agency located across YMCA"
Sure enough, after 2-3 months,  "Paranoid Schizophrenia" became evident. I was also terminated without any warning, after I have been complemented on the great job I had been doing during my stay.

Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster

Extremely advantageous for this group to have me back in St.Catharines with my mother & sister because they would do or say anything that was required by this research group (control). 
"My sister cleans houses besides Brock University & Johnston's office, couple of times a week."
 Especially important when individuals outside the group questioned the ethics, reasons, validity, or tactics used,  who were then rebuffed by pointing to my pathetic existence.
"Would have kept the recently retired Nancy Johnston busy again"
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

At this point, I realized that I wouldn't be able to continue on with any type of work / career , unless I started to disclose this scam "Paranoid Schizophrenia", even as unbelievable as it sounded.
  • Simon Williams padded his resume with courses at McMaster University. Same place where Dr. Graeme Cunningham and Rob Simpson worked at.
  • CHARLES E. CUNNINGHAM (related ?) that works in the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster, where Simon Williams attended. The Offord Centre Includes:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bank Officer Signs Form With Illegal POA

"Power of Attorney is like a credit card, but without monthly payments"
The following document was in my file that addressed my mother as the financial beneficiary of Canada Pension Disability Benefits, concerning myself.

NRCS Roxanne Yorkston  immediately recognized it was signed by a bank official with a Power of Attorney
  • Copy was included in my file at the NCRS by Roxanne Yorkston 
  • Keeping with the Cunningham's and Johnston's selection of participants ("linking" for added liability protection),  DAVID L. EDWARDS would have been the desirable lawyer for the illegal POA
  • DAVID L. EDWARDS is a family lawyer ( Past Chair - Board of Trustees - Brock University / Member Ontario Civilian Police Commission ),  and his wife MARY ANN EDWARDS ( ex-Brock University gym instructor ), both are affiliated with Brock University
"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"

The illegal P.O.A was carefully crafted by an accommodating lawyer who very likely has Brock University roots. 


Anyone Know Where I can find a Lawyer?

"This PhD group enjoyed watching me work my way to a dead end"

Legal representation was not going to be an option. This makes the final Privacy Commissioner's Office of Canada ruling, suggesting a legal appeal process, even more ridiculous.

"Justice depends on who is holding the gun"

"No legal representation for you"

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dr. Graeme Cunningham

"Does alcoholism permanently distort a man's moral compass?"                               
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                  ♠ ♠ ♠
"Gamblers Needed for Research" was / is big business in  research. 

Dr. Graeme Cunningham

A very intimate and profitable relationship developed between Gamblingresearch (Cunningham's), and Brock University (Johnston's).
"Dr. Heather Chalmers (Undergraduate Degrees: Physical and Health Education / Business Administration, Brock University, Part-Time Studies: PhD, Psychology), is appointed to Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre Board of Directors OPGRC"
Heather Chalmers Research Group Including Lisa Root (See Fax Request)  -  2007
(Her appointment was a convenient link between OPGRC / Guelph & Brock University / St. Catharines)

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"

Dr. Graeme Cunningham
  • This appointment caught me off-guard, reviewing his profile in family law and real estate only a few years back (added liability protection for research group©Brock University, and financial backer).
  • Talk about "Lawyered-up"
  • This "therapy" if completed, would have made an enormous impact on ©Brock University
Dr. Jack Lghtstone
  • The close and profitable relationship between OPGRC grants and  ©Brock University recipients (President Jack Lightstone), would have been another motivating factor in pursuing this "intervention"
  • Financial windfall await for the Cunningham's, Johnston's, & Edwards
  • My sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia"

"Eventually I will be filing one of the largest lawsuits ever recorded against a Canadian university:
©Brock University."
  • If these blogs or myself go missing by chance ....... just saying!
"Subpoenas for David L. Edwards & Mary Ann Edwards "

Lancaster, Brooks & Welch

 Best legal defense is "Delay", "Deny", "Devoid", rinse and repeat ......."Delay", "Deny", "Devoid", ......
"Sooner or later someone will break this story wide open and piss off a lot of people who have been rebuffed earlier."
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
 "Paranoid Schizophreniasure would come in handy in disguising the source of the medical professionals and possibly any potential financial backers (see post end)"


Who would of expected that a gambling problem can evolve into "paranoid schizophrenia" (no family history BTW), and in my late 30's (diagnosed in the emergency room of the St.Catharines General Hospital, no less).

The Dr. Teodorini's Fax Request From Lisa Root (8/23/01) on mood disorder coincided the exact same day  (coordinated?), with Dr. Shukla Visit  first prescription of Trifluoperazine (pre-schizophrenic diagnosis). 

Amazing medical breakthrough?

How did the most prestigious schools in North America and recognized scholars miss this one? 

Congrats to ©Brock University and a particular small clan of $cot$.
                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
The Cunningham'sJohnston's& Edwards cleverly skewed any ethical, legal, or medical regulations by purchasing the cooperation and the association of ©Brock University's Simon Williams  (Bankruptcy Discharged ) and Christine Tardif-Williams, through government resources.
"The same Simon & Christine that were scamming an elderly Brock prof as students?           Correct !" 
"The same Simon & Christine that were scamming an elderly Brock prof as students?                    Correct !" 
"The same elderly Brock prof that was named Nancy Johnston?                                                    Correct !"
 "The same Johnston whose husband diagnosed me with "paranoid schizophrenia"?                      Correct !"
"The same Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston that had me admitted to the psych ward after I filed a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)?                          Correct !"
 "The same presiding CPSO president (Dr. Graeme Cunningham an alcoholic), who publicly self-  proclaimed himself as a "scumbag" (Link::The White Badge of Courage)?                                    Correct !"
 "The same Dr. Graeme Cunningham who helped staff the start-up of Ontario Gambling Reeearch Centre (OPGRC), that was dispersing millions in research funds                                                 Correct !" 
"The same OPGRC staff that included lead researcher  Dr. John A. CunninghamPhD in experimental psychology, who received over a million dollars in research funds                             Correct !"
"The same OPGRC funds that employed Lisa Root, who sent a fax to my family doctor on the same day I was prescribed "Trifluoperazine", prior to a schizophrenic diagnosis?                     Correct !"
"The same OPGRC government agency that poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to  ©Brock University?                                                                                                           Correct !"
"The same ©Brock University that had David L. Edwards as a ©Brock University trustee and his wife Mary Ann Edwards as a former instructor?                                                                      Correct !"
"The same David L. Edwards who my sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia" ?                                                              Correct !"
This is what was waiting for me after living out of my car for three out of four years. Revealing any of this sooner (especially pre-blogging era, plus more believe it or not), would not have been considered as in  "my best interests".

Let's just say a final admission to a Hamilton Psych Ward would have been a very good bet to cash!

The irony of Dr. Graeme Cunningham (CPSO president) disciplining medical doctors for professional misconduct, while at the same time engineering the largest research scandal in Canadian history.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham appeared desperate to elevate the psychology profession as a whole, specifically the male psychologist component (John & Charles?), in which women make up 80 % of the profession.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham also identified the "back door" to the medical profession; any four years of university plus one in PhD psychology equals Doctor (Dane, Chalmers, Johnston, Simpson = CEO,...).

It's becoming clear that Dr. Graeme Cunningham is the "darling"  of the medical community; feel good story of an alcoholic doctor overcoming alcoholism, to become an addiction specialist (a story line he used to his advantage).

I would argue that being an alcoholic doctor is as relevant to an addiction specialist, as for myself living out of my car for 3 of 4 years and claiming to be a mechanic

These blogs speak for themselves!
I created these blogs to store my legal documents, because things tended to get "lost" regarding my case files. I had absolutely no idea what I was involved in, or how far deep of a scam I had fallen into.
"It's like a doctor performing surgery on themselves only to find out it's terminal."
I also used  quotations to break up the monotony in reading a lot of dry material; unavoidable in these blogs.
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

No One Would Ever Attempt This:

Young children, who are driven around town by their parents for activities, quickly grasp the concept of a stoplight. The red stoplight means the vehicle will come to a complete stop and no explanation is really necessary as to why the car is not moving.

A toddler who cannot speak yet, constantly tries to crawl out the front door and is met with a stern verbal "NO" repeatedly. Eventually the toddler will be hit on the wrist to reinforce the required response. The toddler eventually associates the word "NO" with physical pain and stops trying to open the door after being told  "NO".

The verbal "NO" could be substituted for a physical item to be displayed, such as a belt, strap, towel, or hand gesture.   

In those two previous examples, it did not matter who was driving the kids or who was yelling at or hitting the toddler. The message was conveyed by repeated responses (pattern recognition).

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
Isolating an adult and applying the same concepts by using individuals close to him (family & proximity), in order to "reinforce the required response" (example: mandatory attendance at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting). 

Reintroduce previous  / present events or individuals in that person's life history in order to "reinforce the required response", with an equivalent "mental slap (shock) on the wrist" (or physical if it appears justified).

Having a life history on an individual with a constant & current activity updates (family members & technology that enables internet activity to be mirrored), would make this possible as long as they stay isolated. Possibly include some legitimate symptoms of a mood disorder or a mental illness (example "paranoid schizophrenia" symptoms 101), with the corresponding prescribed medication.  Include a large infusion of cash which would probably take care of all / any liability concerns.
"A possible example of "paranoid schizophrenia" symptoms 101 could be as simple as a family member phoning a local store (The Peanut Mill)  for information. The isolated individual notices that the name on a car's vanity plate parked directly across the house, on a residential side street BTW, has the similar store name ( 4 PNUT ).
Vanity plates are now introduced into the "therapy" as a "mental slap on the wrist". If they try to mention the events publicly, it's then claimed to be their "paranoid schizophrenia". The events are then eventually reintroduced to the individual's isolated environment as a "mental slap on the wrist" (including additional vanity plates & associations)"
It would be a sick form of psychology to say the least, and something that would probably never be attempted. All you really would need is someone suffering from "cognitive distortion" to complete the deal. But if it was attempted, it would not be given up very easily because of the tremendous potential in wealth (academically and monetary).

Completion of this "therapy" would mean a lucrative payday! The immediate researchers (especially the one that introduced  the "cognitive distorted" individual to the research group), and enough profits to even satisfy those within proximity.

As long as the MAJOR players are not identified !

Dr. Graeme Cunningham
"If you can transparently convert a Canadian Citizen into a permanent medical patient, you will suppress all of their legal rights, consequently obtaining the ownership of their medical and life history data (commercial  / academic  research use)"

Pattern recognition used to simulate "Paranoid Schizophrenia" symptoms?
  • Schizophrenics have hallucinations ('A tendency to extract message-like meaning from meaningless sensory information"),
  • Gamblers seek out biases or visible data out of the norm (chaos theory) to exploit wagering opportunities 
  • "One is at odds, and the other is looking for odds"

 The participation & use of the local NRP Police would be critical to their success!
"Such a incredibly profitable, entertaining, and empowering "therapy" concept for a group of scammers  pseudo-psychology researchers."

 "Paranoid Schizophrenia" sure would come in handy in disguising the source of the medical professionals and possibly any potential financial backers."

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
"Who could be a potential financial backer at the endgame, to make this time & effort all worthwhile?"

102.1 the Edge: The source of all of this "therapy" started when I tried to help someone (encouragement in their new the Edge 102.1 position in 2001), that I had spoken with many times over a decade, but we never met. With the situation that I was in at the time (my car), I never considered anything other than trying to help them out, since I knew them reasonably well from our extended conversations. 

I mentioned to an established professional (early 90's), regarding a a late night telephone conversation that I had over two hours long, with a radio personality; they will be able to confirm this.

If I only would have know who their "brother" was, I wouldn't have considered making any contact with them in my situation.

let's just say that I took the "hook, line, and sinker" that was thrown at me, and here I blog.

Coincidentally, the radio station  the Edge 102.1 (including this particular individual), hosted music / dance nights in the city of Port Dalhousie / St. Catharines the following summer (Friday summer nights in 2002 & maybe 2003 ?)

                                                                                  ♠ ♠ ♠
Moving on Up!  

"After my schizophrenic onset  in September, we were all crammed into the 2 bedroom war time home in which I slept on the floor for 6 months. My sister (cleans houses part-time), my 10 year old nephew, an unemployed schizophrenic (me), and my mother (very modest pension), were all eventually moved and upgraded to a 4 bedroom home (close to a high school / 2 public schools).

I was an easy target for this pseudo-psychology research group (vast OPGRC research funds). I was still very physically and mentally exhausted from the last four years, living out of my car and all the different jobs. I knew that it would be worth something, more so if I could earn an income from gambling. 

This research group knew this too, but they would only get their "cut" if I faltered, played along, or self-destructed at anytime (Important to retain the illegally obtained research material).

I actually started to participate with this "therapy" in order to maintain sanity. This probably encouraged the group that their "experimental cognitive behavior therapy" was working. Well I had enough of these clowns and them turning my life into a circus. Unfortunately, I was unaware of how deep (or high?) that this incompetence reached.

The proximity of our new home was a short 2 minute drive to the ©Brock University Edwards home.
  • Their home's value was in social status, not the actual resale value
"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"
  • My sister rented across from the Edwards home during the onset of my "paranoid schizophrenia"
The proximity of our new next neighbor had 3 children; all ©Brock University students. One child's fiance was also a ©Brock University student. Her professor for her project was coincidentally ©Brock University's Christine Tardif-Williams.

One of the children's vehicle had a vanity plate and the proximity of another neighbor's son had the identical make, model, and color car that I lived out of for three out of four years (see main page), that I could see everyday. 

During most of that one year "off", I returned to St.Catharines and landscaped my mother's home from "gothic" to "Miami" in about 6 months.  It was something positive in nature that I wanted to accomplished during this hectic period (see pics previous post).

BTW, My car stopped working right after my "schizophrenic" diagnosis; step 1 in isolation. Step 2 was to place me in a state of high stress in order to be more receptive to my environment (unproven, experimental, and a sick form of pseudo-psychology). There was nothing I could really do; these clowns had the NRP Police in their back pocket.

Two neighbors had serious medical issues which would have made them very sympathetic to this research group. One eventually ended up receiving a much anticipated kidney transplant and another neighbor's child had a face paralysis that was cured eventually. Fortunately a Hamilton commuting nurse moved into the area soon afterwards, a new neighbor with the same model as Simon William's vehicle (in his late teens), and a new neighbor (Scottish) moved into the strategically located (foot traffic) corner end home

During those three out of four years that I lived out of my car, I had to always hide that important fact because of safety concerns (paid cash everyday at Labor Ready), and it would have hindered my employment opportunities. This income was the source of my living day to day (food, gas, warmth, transportation, and extra gambling funds when available), and would be attacked first by a supposed "intervention" (family support next; Barriers). This very cautious approach by myself could have easily been nurtured to a paranoia state, given the appropriate circumstances, artificially created or not."
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
What's Your Problem?

This illegal research study (reverse engineered research for liability protection), is the main reason that I was put through everything written in these blogs (and more).

How Much Value $$$ in a 12 Step Recovery program (Gamblers Anonymous), without direct interaction of the principal medical professionals involved? 

"The  Gamblers Anonymous  (12 step recovery program) worked so well for Dr. Graeme Cunningham, I kind of regret not completing it now."

When calculating the monetary value, take into account the required research (live / history) to accomplish this task, and it's projected monetary value in intellectual, educational, and commercial venues.
"I am not a business major and / or a doctor like some, but my guess is that the value would be tremendous."
I had two choices: price on my head if I kept quiet (major players identity concealed; always the ability to cash me out), or a target on my back if I revealed any of it (diminished the overall value, raised concerns with liability damages, and  the potential threat to individual's careers).

"I was diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia" in my late 30's ( in the emergency room of the St. Catharines General Hospital, no less), in order implement, control, and carry out "experimental cognitive behavior therapy". In a twist of fate, the fabricated diagnosis was made in the year 2001, the same year that Dr. Graeme Cunningham had received the "award" of Transforming Lives Award Link in 2001. I can definitely vouch for the man's credentials as it's obvious now that the "award" was not enough for the good man."

Dr. Graeme Cunningham was the first medical professional (?) that was alerted to my situation, while President of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario at the time (CPSO 1998 - 2004). 

"Dr. Graeme Cunningham's CPSO position allotted him significant influence, including the authority and ability to deny a Canadian citizen access to their medical records (2001), and to confiscate them."

Dr. Graeme Cunningham's first reaction was how to help me to calculate how profitable my situation could be to himself and his family (I already knew this), with his following decisions directed towards obtaining sole ownership and financial control of the associated research (that being "me").
"Maybe my family risk's losing their home if they ever publicly acknowledge my accusations?"

I will be releasing details soon that will explain this groups immense interest for research and financial purposes of my situation.

"What would be the public reaction if Dr. Graeme Cunningham (serving as president of the CPSO), hand picked a patient out of a Canadian psychiatric ward, or that was homeless, or that was incarcerated at the time for research purposes? Outrage?

Now, what would be the public reaction to Dr. Graeme Cunningham providing career and financial opportunities to the individual's so called "friend" and his younger wife, compensating his family with government funds (OPGRC research grants), in exchange for long range research purposes? These three blogs that I have written give an indication of the government's response. Very clever, no? "

I had realized that this group had probably "worked" (simultaneously gorging on OPGRC research funds), for a few months (at least), while I was still in the difficult situation at the time. 

"Probably between the months of April 2001 and ending September of 2001 (diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia"  at St. Catharines General Hospital emergency room, no less), because Universities were out at that time. My difficult situation become more difficult towards the end."

This group was busy preparing all the legal paperwork, financial / funding resources, family members psychological profiles, and participating in the live / background history research related activities, that was required at the time.  

"Dr. Graeme Cunningham, the psychology research group and their affiliated associations (OPGRCBrock University, CAMHMcMaster University, University of TorontoCanada Research Chairs), are in possession and usage of illegally obtained research material."

This particular revelation had now crossed an ethical line and boundary that separates "doctors" from "researchers". It was obvious from the start that greed directed, dictated, and ruled this whole ordeal.

"When the decision to cross that line was made, my fate was sealed. The task of of identifying the family connections and confirming the research done on myself (w/o my consent mind you), would have been easily accomplished once I got back on my feet.  A very undesirable situation for this close-knit research group."
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Illness Attracts Sickness:
"$tole my life and willing to sell it back to me for a large percentage of the cut"

▬▬▬▬©Brock University▬▬▬▬

"Ultimately their success rested on the inducement & control of depression"
"Everything that was needed was already in the city of St.Catharines (Compliant NRP Police, lawyer, psychiatrist, family doctor, Psych Ward, ©Brock University ((President Jack Lightstone) with an elderly Associate Professor with a lot of time on her hands, OPGRC based psychologists researchers, intrigued neighbors, bewildered family members, and then finally me)".

©What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude."

Homewood Health Centre's elderly Dr. Graeme Cunningham, an alcoholic and former President of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO 1998 - 2004), appears to have been influential in the start-up phase of the Gamblingresearch agency:
"It makes perfect sense now that I was admitted to the St.Catharines General Hospital  Psych Ward (Admitted to psych ward after filing complaint to CPSO Link ), compliments of the Johnston's, after I phoned to file a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (2001)  (confiscated medical files would confirm this)."   
Looking back now, I was purposelessly drugged at my home on a Friday afternoon, after I had phoned to file a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. This research group knew that I would get upset and planed in advance of the police escort to the General Hospital.

"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"

What an incredibly profitable, entertaining, and empowering "therapy" concept for a group of scammers psychology researchers. Especially true for an elderly  ©Brock University Associate Professor (Autonomous Practice / Play Therapy Training / with very little published credentials, if any), with a lot of free time on her hands and years to burn (Nancy Johnston).

  "Former CPSO president (Dr. Graeme Cunningham an alcoholic), who publicly self-proclaimed himself as a "scumbag" (Link::The White Badge of Courage)"

                                                                            ♠ ♠ ♠
"Nothing comes for free"
Robert I. Simpson left the Homewood Health Centre to take the CEO position of Gamblingresearch, but his good fortune in an employment opportunity came at a price as he instilled John Cunningham as Senior researcher.
"It was suggested to contact a Carla D. Edwards during my schizophrenia onset. Coincidentally, she works at Homewood Health Centre in psychiatry. I had memorized the name because of her last name and my original post in the MGB blog"

Robert I. Simpson was originally a teaching assistant at McMaster University, where  Dr. Graeme Cunningham had worked. A male psychologist named Charles E. Cunningham also works at McMaster  University, "affiliated"  with the Psychiatry Department
"I was threatened to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Hamilton, which I am sure would of ended well.  I also lost my job in Hamilton, living across McMaster University at the YMCA  Lost My Job in Hamilton in 2007 / YMCA / McMaster University Link " 
Confirms that this group was always fully aware of my activities, initiating the NRCS obstruction. My NRCS case file contains a required job resume, which confirms employment in Hamilton in 2007
"My sister cleans houses besides Brock University & Johnston's office, a couple of times a week."                                                                      ♠ ♠ ♠
Dr. Graeme Cunningham openly discusses treating patients while drunk in this interview, including the financial hardship that alcohol induced upon himself and likely his family, while living in Canada (hate the "state", not the country):: Doctors Helping Doctors::

Perhaps Dr. Graeme Cunningham will make mention of the largest research scandal in Canadian history, or his interactions / history with Simon Williams (Bankruptcy Discharged )& Christine Tardif-Williams, when he continues his speaking engagements and conferences for The Canadian Dental Association?

"Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it."

The undisclosed Step 13 of The 12 Steps , Dr. Graeme Cunningham Vdeo Selling on EBAY::is cashing me in publicly, "With or Without You".

Which political connections appointed this man for such an important position ( president of the CPSO) , for leadership and oversight of potential misconduct in the medical profession?

This link provides a potential candidate list: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (Ontario)   (Louise Boileau  - Federal Government obstruction - promoted to a University in Montreal - see main blog).

Very likely that at least one of the original board of directors ( Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre ) knows the answer:

Elected members:
Dr. G. Ron Frisch (Windsor) - Chair
Wendy Dolan (Thunder Bay) - Vice Chair
Dr. Jon Kelly (Toronto) - Treasurer
Cecile Boegel (Timmins)
Akwatu Khenti (Toronto)
Russ Larocque (Algoma)
Betty MacGregor (Ottawa)
Dr. Anne Marie Guilmette (St. Catharines)
Ex-officio members:
Vicente Gannam (Ministry of Health and Long Term Care)
Wendy Rinella (Ontario Gaming Secretariat)
Rob Simpson (Chief Executive Officer and President

                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠
What made the situation ideal for John Cunningham at Gamblingresearch, was 500K annual grants in an unaudited government agency.
"It's apparent that Dr. Graeme Cunningham had well connected political influences, regarding the start-up phase of the Gamblingresearch agency. Did these connections extend beyond to Privacy Commisioner's Office?" 
 "Recorded for Quality Control purposes"

At 2:07 -- "We don't take Instructions from YOU! "

Canada has always accepted & welcomed  immigrants, but not for the purpose of undermining  longstanding Canadian institutions, citizenship rights and laws for personal gain

                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠
Prior to the evolution of the internet and company websites (2001), Homewood Health Centre's Dr. Graeme Cunningham would have been likely involved in some capacity, since the identities of this group were protected by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's ruling.
"I worked at 300 different companies (every job imaginable), in four years (temp jobs in Toronto & GTA). 
"I would have no ability to confirm or verify all the OHIP billings that were attributed to me through doctors (specifically the Johnstons), since my medical records are inaccessible. Only a government inquiry would be able to uncover / audit the duration and volume of OHIP medical billings, during my lengthy "schizophrenic"  period.; including the costs charged through the St. Catharines General Hospital Psychiatric & Admissions department."

"This may be the first case in Canada where a psychologist has manipulated the Canadian health system in billing OHIP, for supposed psychological treatment not covered under medical definitions & eligibility."

"The elderly Johnston's have confiscated my medical records and are inaccessible."

"Makes the post of  Point of No Return?  in the original blog much more precarious"

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
 (** Link Updated July 29th, 2013 - Associate Professor-  Dr. Nancy Johnston Psychologist - Liability Protection Role ***)

"The elderly Associate Professor Nancy Johnston appears to have had an impressive talent for utilizing / manipulating government resources and responsible for liability protection, albeit lacking the expected educational prerequisites & credentials.

Nancy Johnston (©Brock University), couldn't have managed this venture without her husband's  psych ward (elderly Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston), and the help of her two male psychologists; University of Toronto / CAMH / Gamblingresearch John Cunningham (elderly Dr. Graeme Cunninghamand Simon Williams (©Brock University).

Simon Williams (Bankruptcy Discharged ) and his younger wife Christine Tardif-Williams (©Brock University), were purchased through government resources for added liability protection for the  Cunningham's and Johnston'sClearly resolves the question if this "schizophrenia" was originally an intervention or research / financially motivated."

Heather Chalmers (©Brock University part-time PhD graduate), was promoted to OPGRC Board of Directors."

"Dr. Graeme Cunningham would have been the "heavy" behind this group, providing any medical or government obstruction necessary, legal guidance, and consultation for the psychology group." 

"The potential $$$ research material $$$ that I could  / did provide, would be invaluable for himself and his family (that I owned )."

"The evolution of the internet was his undoing"


Movie Rights ?/ Book Deals ? / Research Awards ?

"Rounders (Matt Damon) - Phone Booth (Colin Farrell)"--"Misery" (James Caan)  
"This pseudo-psychology group is so painstakingly brilliant, direct interaction with the subject unwarranted "

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
Marcia Cunningham's past experience as a ex TVO producer / documentaries would have been a perfect compliment to to the Cunningham's family in this research project (along with her partner John Gregory - Masters of Fine Arts, Playwriting and Screenwriting)

Movies that best describe this PhD / medical group:

  • Bill Murray's Quick Change - Inside heist job
  • (Draining government funds under / with Police protection)

  • Malice - Alec Baldwin's narcissistic rant and the famous "I "AM" God" line “God-consciousness”
  • (Doctor playing God & psychologists playing Doctors)

  • THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT -  Scammers vs scammers
  • (Every group had their own little racket going on)

  • Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town - Elderly comedy
  • (The elders in this entertaining setup were in no rush to cash out)

If there was a potential financial film backer with a lot of "exposure" behind him, these following links might be a an example........just saying.

 "Paranoid Schizophreniasure would come in handy in disguising the source of the medical professionals and possibly any potential financial backers."

Internet link #1 U2: The Edge 102 Radio Toronto
U2: At Toronto Film Fest U2: The Edge 102 Radio Dr. Graeme Cunningham
Internet link #2 U2: At Toronto Film Fest

Unknown Caller -  (No Line on the Horizon - 2009)